I mean you, miserable sods.


The  one night of the year is fast approaching,  even now you can’t move for the sea of pumpkins, costumes,tacky decor, Halloween parties and fun-size treat bags. The night when little kiddies get old tights, hats, horns ,skirts , capes or back in my day a bin liner!, and head off with little decorated buckets of pumpkins or witches cauldrons to have a trick o’ treating session and hopefully bag some goodies , and if you do really well they’ll last you ages….(a week).

However a dark presence lurks in the background , sneering at the fun and sucking the joy out of Halloween preparing to spend all Hallows eve sat in the dark, watching back to back soaps and turning the volume down as groups of kids skip by, better known as the Halloween scrooge.

You know the type, you know you’re in scrooge central when you come across this.


And before I hear the cries of “Why should we be bothered at night” “you can’t expect us to buy sweets for other peoples kids” and the old tripped out like “Its begging”. It not actually about buying sweets, not for me anyway if you’re sorry we  have no sweets then like fair enough, no one can argue with that. I think its the real belligerence than only seems to exist here, I doesn’t seem to exist in America (please correct me if I’m wrong). I’d love to walk down a street with pumpkins strewn all along the doorsteps and people seeming well…happy?!. I suppose just hoping Halloween was something everyone could get behind especially as its become increasingly ‘adult’ over the years.

I was in despair at looking for something that wasn’t too grotesque for my young son …in a supermarket!.

I totally understand not wanting to open the door to teenagers, I do think there is an age limit on the ole’ trick o’ treating side of things. If she’s taller than your wife or if his facial hair is catching up to your husbands its probably time to call it a day, go home watch disgusting horror films with a bowl full of sweets like normal teenagers.

I also get the old pet peeve of people not dressing up I think its a bit cheeky, like throw yourself into the spirit of things for gods sake.

I remember one bloke threatened to set his dogs on us for simply knocking on his door (we were 6&7) lunatic! we were not being rude either.

I am probably , quite likely being very unreasonable , its not the ‘non taking part’ that bothers ,its the people who would make childish fun ‘something bad’ the ‘its begging’ line is often used to shame which bothers me immensely. I mean they have the next 40 years to be miserable old gits, let them get through childhood first!.

They are not sat in the street asking everyone who walks past for money…that’s begging unless I’ve been on another planet for 25 years.

Oh well one can only hope for an American style Halloween, roll on the next 50 years trick o’ treaters will always be welcome here and a pumpkin will always be in my window!.



Images are not mine I found them on my travels.





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