Unbridled rage! or it would be If I had the energy.

I opened this post thinking hmm, whats really witty and interesting that I can type on my first post,

I gazed up at the ceiling wistfully in thought ,which then turned into yawning and stretching, and then pulling at my eyes wondering if any of the liquid would leak out that has been glazed over my eyes for the last few hours, And after that I still have nothing interesting to say and my eyes are still glazed over .

sleepy eyes

If I wasn’t a zombie currently I’d be hopping mad I’ve been up for hours already, slamming doors, loud noises,music you name it is apparently fine, because who needs sleep?, and how dare that vital, biological need come before bad karaoke at 3am.

This is literally going on underneath my feet and writing this is slightly deterring my urge to stamp on the floor loudly, argh,
I know what all you sensible people are thinking, why are you sat in front of a screen if you are already tired? it’s gonna make you worse. well firstly I’m probably an idiot and secondly there’s no much else to do at these unsociable hours but google, have a cuppa and whinge 😉 but me thinks I’ve done enough of that for now so if you’ve read this thanks and bless you you’re probably bored out of your mind as I am.

The karaoke has stopped and I’m logging off in the search of sleep later WP’ers !




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